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      Benn Marshall

Modern mothers today really can have the natural birth as we Melanesians do s, at home, surrounded by Melanesian mothers and sisters, in Melanesian way. You can enjoy the experience of working preparing your mind, heart and body with natural traditional mothers towards the birth. The miracle of natural birth will unfold before the eyes of many happy mothers who welcome and celebrate the new arrival.

So many children in modern era are born into this New World with a lot of fear. We carry fears from out mothers, and also from our communities around. Traditional communities in Melanesian do not fear of birth. We anticipate, and we celebrate new birth. We anticipate with a lot of talking, walking, and working together.

We host modern mothers in our clan-based Natural Birth Hospital within our villages. We provide local mothers and sisters company during pregnant, and in the process of giving birth. We provide local nurses equipped with modern equipment, skills and knowledge, 

We welcome, rejoice and celebrate new-comer(s) in our Melanesian Way.

Modern pregnant mothers around the world are invited to come and enjoy your life here with our Melanesian village mothers towards your giving birth date.

We will provide primarily traditional but also modern treatment, and we will welcome the new-born baby into our clan, give them their identity of affiliation, if the parents permit.

Natural Birth Hospitals will be Build within Major Clans or Villages or Islands across Melanesian Archipelago

Contact the Hospital General Manager: naturalbirth@thenature.us