Publish Customary Laws

Customary Laws

Customary law is that body of law deriving from local customs and usages of traditional peoples across the globe. The source of customary law is the Natural Law as it exists in the universe.

Customary Law is developed and formulated as a result of human interaction with other humans and with other communities of beings, according to the Natural Laws,  “natural justice, equity and good conscience.”

Customary law is often not written down, as the people in the community naturally develop the laws and those in the community know how things are usually done in that community.

Customary law is also defined by long and consistent usage, obtained the force of law. Following this definition, it should be noted that a custom may only reflect the common usage and practice of the people in a particular matter without having the force of law.

Customary law systems are based on patterns of behavior (or customs) that have come to be accepted as legal requirements or rules of conduct within a particular country or in this case i particular human community.

Customary law is born out of the Law of the Nature. It is closely related to the Nature and mostly aimed at protecting the Nature.

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to bring peace among human beings and with other communities of beings, that is to allow harmony to reign over life



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Customary Laws of each clan and ethnic groups to be formulated and discussed within each clan or ethnic group in order to gain public approval.

The Approved Codified Customary Law is then submitted to the local, provincial or national government departments to obtain formal recognition within the modern nation-states. 

The codified and legalized Customary Law is then adopted into the community in order to take into force into the community.

Customary Law is the used to run the daily lives of the communities concerned.