Wantok Tube and Wantok TV


WANTOKTUBE is the news channel, Investigative Journalism to investigate the Melanesian Storylines.

We employ Investigative Journalism using Live Video or YouTube or Facebook broadcast as well as Webinars involving various elders, story-keepers and story-tellers across Melanesia.

This is the best opportunity to demonstrate how we Melanesians appreciate and use the storylines to appreciate life and carry our conservation work.

We document storylines with various approaches: 

1. by visiting places and peoples;

2. by inviting peoples to talk, discuss and share online and offline;

3. by broadcasting activities

4. by documenting and publishing storie

This is both live and recorded online channels: Youtoube.com, Facebook.com and Webinars at zoom.com

We establish official news agency and broadcasts various stories developing across Melanesia, particularly related to the people, culture, nature and spirit of Melanesia.

Our news and information focus on the storyline of the tribes across Melanesia.

We hold story-telling contests, both oral stories and written stories

We hold the contests in various regions across Melanesia.

I, Wewo Kotokay, write and publish books in order to further develop the Melanesian Philosophy of the “Melanesian Way” as pioneered by our great Melanesian Philosopher Bernard Narokoii.

Wewo Kotokay further explains and develops Narokobi’s work into current and future progresses.