Wantok Circle

We Are Committed To Connect the Storylines of Melanesian Clans and Ethnic Groups across Melanesian Archipelago

We Have Kept Melanesia as Green and Blue as They are Today and We are Ready to Share Our Wisdom with the World

our integrated Team Members

Founder & Manager of TheNATURE.Us, 2015
Full Circle Foundation Ambassador, Melanesia Field Support Personnel, 2020

Founder/ Director of Yayasan Sahabat Alam Melanesia (SALAM), based in Port Numbay, West Papua, 2018.

Founder/ Director of “Melanesian Culture and Nature, Inc.”, Port Moresby, PNG, 2021

Founder & Core Staff Members of SALAM West Papua, with Special Skill on Spiritual Hotspots. and Communities of All Beings Conferences.

Founder/ Secretary of  “Melanesian Spirit and Nature, Inc.”, Port Moresby, PNG, 2021

Community Organiser “Melanesian Spirit and Nature, Inc.”, Port Moresby, PNG, 2021

Expert Staff of SALAM West Papua, 2021.

All Communities of Beings: Spirits, plants, animals, humans, landscapes and mater.

Founder/ Director of Vanuatu Environmental Network