Legalize Storylines

Legalizing the Storylines


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      Benn Marshall

Legalizing the storylines means, codifying the (1) subjects, (2) objects with (3) plots of the stories into legal framework, into modern nation-state legal system and framework. 

This is the Customary Laws should be coded and legalized under modern nation-state in order to help the owners of the story and modern nation-state as well as foreigners to appreciate the codes of conduct within the community and their customary land.

Storylines are Legalized as Customary Laws

Legalizing the storylines is the way forward for Melanesian peoples to restore and preserve the stories of our identities, integrity and destiny who represent the identities, integrity and destiny of humanity on Planet Earth. 

Legalizing the storylines is writing “Customary Laws” that belongs to clans and ethnic groups so that the people and modern nation-states collectively acknowledge, appreciate, protect and promote the norms, values, beliefs and systems of the Melanesian peoples that have been proven as the best way to address current environmental problems.

The Customary Laws is legally binding for each family, clan and ethic group. It binds the community who own the law to obey and to use in their daily interactions. It functions as a modern legal system for their own community, besides existing national or government laws.

Legalizing Customary laws means codifying or formalizing the existing laws within the communities, not to expose restrictions or punishment to any foreigners or the modern nation-state, but rather to bind the communities or Tribal Peoples of Melanesia to submit themselves, their thinking, and their actions and reactions in accordance with their own existing laws.

This will help protect the Tribal Peoples in Melanesian to exist, and to be able to offer our wisdom and skills for the world conservation work.