Happy Death Hospital

HAPPY Death Hospital

Melanesians treat death as a new phase into a new life, right here. Melanesians see death as separation of physical body, but the beginning of spiritual company for ever.

This is why most Melanesian tribes know this expression, “I will not go away, but I will always be with you! Right here! At the back of the house, on the side of you, at your call.”

Melanesian treat live and death as a sequence of events that automatically progresses,

On top of life, there is community: families, clan members and extended families who are prepared to celebrate the death, with tears with lamentations, with festivals and with big gathering. 

This is not a quite sad event, but it is lively mourning and lamentation, collective sorrow and shared responsibility. 

We believe that particularly in this Paradise Island, when we die, we are still here in this Paradise, while waiting for our final destination.  

Offering company, humor and treatments in welcoming death! Death is something to anticipate and welcome, not to be avoided or feared about.

Happy Death is a reality for Melanesian tribes, but an impossible dream for modern people. With our daily conservations, interactions and activities, we encourage everybody to enjoy life, and enjoy death!

We offer Chapel services or tribal rituals and music, dance or lamentation festivals according to the request of the deceased.