Heal Life – Social Immersion Programme

We invite all human beings all over the world to dive and get yourself baptized into the spirits, nature and culture of Melanesia. 

Social Setting For Healing

We offer comprehensive healing treatment based on human society or tribal setting in villages or islands where we invite foreigners to come and live in native social setting of Melanesian clans or tribal settings for certain periods of time in order to 

1. reset or restore they way a person or a family interacts with each other in individual setting and in groups;

2. repair possible relationships and communications damages that already happened to individuals or groups in modern societies by diving into the daily life of tribes in villages.


1. We will identify problems being faced by individuals or families in the west

2. We will design treatments and or interactions that are necessary to evolve during stay in villages with Melanesian peoples

3. Tribes welcome and celebrate the coming of new clan members and make the person/ family become part of the overall clan.

Individualism and individualistic modern individuals and society need to have opportunity to see, experience and appreciate social life and society; how human families, clans and tribes operate in traditional communities.

We have experienced ourselves, many mental and physical problems disappear once we go back to villages from lives in towns. From our own experience, we have found out that social-settings and village life help cure problems and illnesses.

Most physical and psychological problems in the Western world, or modern setting can be traced back to the social-conditioning of individuals or families. We set up possible social actions based on our early findings.

Families, clans or tribes in Melanesia are offered with stories and problems of visiting individuals or families, and let the Melanesian families, clans or tribes decide whether to host or not.

Every person or family who come to get social treatment are greeted and celebrated in welcome and farewell parties.

The human side of individuals and families will be concentrated and celebrated during the stay.